Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Vacation

I am currently at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law (my sister was a bit too pregnant to join us this time).

Unlike most, I really do love being with my family. I still live with my parents and as of right now I have no desire to “get out” or “move away.” It’s not that I have numerous freedoms or that my parents are my best friends, it’s just that they are so sweet and precious. My father, a retired educator of 36 years, proofreads my papers and helps me with my teaching program. My mother spends the majority of her time making things perfect. She offers daily to lend a hand with my studying or art projects. She sews, cooks, creates, and loves. Not to say that growing up I was problem free or that life was a breeze living at home, but I do think that my parents are nearly perfect- at least for me.

My friends all have parents with their own awful situations- some that yell, some that discourage, some that are never satisfied. Just yesterday my friend Kristen said, “you know Caroline, we are so lucky to have normal parents.” I honestly think the type of parents I have are no longer the norm in households. I truly am blessed.

What got me thinking about all this started at the Cracker Barrel in Madison. Yesterday after lunch my dad had bought everyone those little peanut butter chocolate balls and was ready to pass them out as we left. I almost got teary. He is such a precious man. I have the highest respect for him and his advice and wisdom. I’m so lucky to have such a guide and resource just at the other end of my house.

For the ride to Madison, I drove my mom. She is so funny. We laughed and talked about Flo Rida, baby names, and the rules of the road. Though I’ve been driving for a few years now, my mother still felt it necessary to tell me yesterday that the right lane is for slow drivers and the left lane is for passing faster cars. Also, she proceeded to let me know how to use my turn signal when changing lanes. Sometime her nagging and pestering ways put me on edge, but at the end of the day I know it’s just concern and love. I can only be grateful for that.

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