Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh goodness!

Frozen Smiles - Denture Ice Cube Trays
These are so funny to me.

Needle and Pin Storage Booklet
I've been thinking about getting back into sewing lately, and this is just the item to inspire!

As much as I love the clean sleekness of my mac, these removable graphics are tempting.

If it was up to Zach, we'd probably have Koi fish wedding invites. They aren't too shabby.

Ochre and Brown Personalized Leather Keychain
Lastly, I'm excited about this keychain! It's a step towards maturity in my Snapdragon world of monograms and polka dots.

A very shy Zooey Deschanel arrives at LAX Airport wearing similar glasses as fiance Benjamin Gibbard.

How did I go over a year not knowing they were engaged? Ben Gibbard's gotten so skinny. And Zooey looks wonderful in llilic.


  1. what are you going to sew? that kit is so cute.

    that graphic mac thing is cute! cutest one i've seen.

    that keychain reminds me of that leather personalized bracelet we saw in lucky that i remembered & almost got you for your birthday this year, but then i was afraid it more rugged than i remembered. idk.

    ben is so skinny! i heard about it but then never saw anything else about it. im glad they're still together! he prob started eating all vegan food like her and lost weight.

  2. I want to sew clothing.

    The keychain is really affordable.

    And did you know she doesn't even eat soy either?

  3. She is allergic to lots of stuff - gluten and soy I think....I feel bad for the person that caters their wedding!

    I did hear that they were engaged (on Perez Hilton) but I never see them together so I wasn't sure if it was true...