Saturday, August 1, 2009

A blog and twitter all in one week- like I needed another reason to always be online.

This is such a cute pattern for a child's room

And these Olive Manna jot books are so useful to label like shopping, school to do, or brainstorming.

But seriously Olive Manna, this isn't a peacock. You aren't kidding anyone.


  1. suhweeeeeeet. now we can keep up with each other's lives in 3 ways instead of 1! im super pumped.

  2. LOL, No, it's not a peacock. It's Mrs. Peacock, that fussy old lady who wears big coats and a boa and ends up looking like a peacock. Sometimes it's less about a name and more about a shape and style. An actual peacock would be cliche. ;)

  3. It's a naughty Mrs. Peacock then.